Why bother with a table cloth?

Let’s be real, none of us have time for pretty just for fun. (Well some people do I guess. Just none I’ve ever met in the flesh)


I think of all the things that get weird looks in my life, the table cloth in the middle of my home is one of the most common. So here are my reasons.


  1. It catches all the food- I don’t know about you but I have one kid. Yep that one kid who cannot eat without dumping food everywhere. And he is by no means my youngest. I think most dogs eat with less mess than this guy. So it catches everything and he can go take the table cloth outside and shake it after every meal.
  2. It makes clean up faster- without all the crumbs to encourage fighting over who wiped and needs to help with the floor, a table cloth contains the mess and stops the arguing. It also sops up most wet spills.
  3. It’s pretty- there are not a lot of things that make me take a deep breath, but a pretty table reminds me I am doing okay.
  4. Reminder of good manners- the table cloth also serves to remind the kids that this is a place where we can have fun, but must observe some manners. We don’t put our faces in our bowls, we sit up, we pass things, we say please and thank you. We are not animals.


So, yeah, a table cloth, and sometimes a runner down to hold the hot stuff.

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