Best Halloween Tradition

For four years now we have enjoyed a great Halloween tradition. Which was the brain child of Beck Realty Group (#BeckRealtyGroup). The site of Cornbellies, a fall carnival, is something we look forward to every year. We get to catch up with friends, paint faces, roll in the corn, get un-lost in the maze, buy pumpkins, race plastic ducks, and generally enjoy the mayheim.


It is one of the few events the children don’t face with stress and follow with resentment. It is a time we lean into joy, and love one another. And frankly I am beginning to love the holiday again, which is a big deal for me. We need to create this kind of tradition for every holiday. It took four years, but now it is a known happy time for the WildScottKids.

So enjoy some of the fall fun from us to you. May the beginning of the holiday season bring you less stress, more joy, more family, more friends, more peace.

With love, the Scotts.


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