WonHundred Word Wednesdays

Here is our fun game, a bunch of authors write about a flash fiction post. Here is mine, when you’re done, go see what my friends wrote…

Jilly ran away often. Not that he felt proud of that, but she knew how to take care of herself. This time she’d been missing since Friday and he hadn’t worried. She’d taken her sword, her pack, and cloak. Nothing could kill her with those tools on board. But he hadn’t considered things that might not want her dead. Not until a package arrived via messenger wrapped in her cloak. The blue fabric murmured as he opened it, the wool rubbing on itself. Now Jilly wasn’t coming home. Killing the messenger didn’t solve it but it was a good start.

Denise Kasanicky createinspiredream.wordpress.com
Jaclyn Weist jaclynweist.blogspot.com
Jenifer Lee myfam-i-lee.blogspot.com
Jenna Eatough mistglenmoon.net/blog
K.R. Wilburn krwilburnbooks.com/blog
Kaye P. Clark kayepclarkwriter.blogspot.com
Laura D. Bastian www.lauradbastian.com
Miranda D. Nelson www.mirandadnelson.blogspot.com

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