WonHundred Word Wednesday

Here is a fun game we play to break up the craziness… We all write about a short prompt. Here is what I wrote. When you’re done, go check out my friends…

It was past midnight, probably near two in the morning. Smokey crouched on the edge of the wall, still waiting. She’d almost patterned out the movements of the guards. She glimpsed Aunt Mel’s face through a fluttering curtain. The lights appeared out of the darkness, three trucks lumbering down the road, kicking up rocks, making enough noise to wake the dead. Now or Never. Smokey stood, the song building in her head, the fire of her wings building in her back. I am the Phoenix, I am the Siren. I am death. She let the song pour out everything stopped.

Denise Kasanicky createinspiredream.wordpress.com
Jaclyn Weist jaclynweist.blogspot.com
Jenifer Lee myfam-i-lee.blogspot.com
Jenna Eatough mistglenmoon.net/blog
K.R. Wilburn krwilburnbooks.com/blog
Kaye P. Clark kayepclarkwriter.blogspot.com
Laura D. Bastian www.lauradbastian.com
Miranda D. Nelson www.mirandadnelson.blogspot.com

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