Our First Adventure!


We purchased our big red van, and of course dad wanted to take it out for a spin over the holiday weekend. So of course we did, with mild panic on mom’s part for the lack of planning, but we got it sorted. We didn’t have a good plan of where we wanted to go, or where we would stay. But we all climbed into the van with enough supplies for two days worth of adventuring, and were off.

The kids love hotels more than anything. I swear we could stay at one a few blocks away and they were be perfectly content. So when we got to the next town, dad called it. He got us adjoining rooms and everyone went to sleep with promises of pool time in the morning, and a fun drive afterward to sights unknown. I shook my head. If all of us were so easily pleased the world would be better place. But that made me think I needed to focus on the joy of the moment like the kids.

So I snuggled down with Jason and we fell asleep to the roar of the wall air conditioner. Granted I am not the best sleeper in strange places, so I got up a few times to count noses, and take people to the bathroom, but it was a decent rest.

In the morning, we ate as the kids woke up, and tossed everyone in the pool, then packed and drove to Zion National Park… Which was a nuthouse. Nope. Okay, lets go look at fun things just outside of the park instead. Having a year pass makes a lot of sense for days like these, because I can have no guilt saying we will come back another day. We can. We will. So we stopped at rock shops, our kids favorite places, and picked out, you guessed it, rocks. Then we checked into our hotel and swam. Yes. They just wanted more pool time.

We engaged in the great art of Dad Surfing, and a made a low quality, mom video. I promise to do better next time.

Dad Surfing Video

Then we packed up again and were off to a historic site. Because, why not? Cove Fort is one of the few stone forts constructed in the 1800’s. It is important in our state because it protected travelers. It was also built by a family with 7 kids… So we headed there.



Of course the kids needed to try out the wagon.


And check out the rooms.


And when we were all done with our tour they sent us home with Veggies from the garden, and one really tired boy, who didn’t make it through lunch.


For more information about Cove Fort, you can go see it in person, or check out this link. Cove Fort And we sang on the way home…

Thanks for joining us on our first Big Red Van Adventure. 




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