When Did life happen?

When did life happen?


A long time ago two people thought it was a great plan to get married. We were young, well youngish. I had just graduated college and Jason was entrenched in a career. We bought a home and had a baby. Sounds like the perfect life. right?

Well it was. It is.

Then life happened. We had another baby, and lost a few. And by a few I mean 5. For some reason I could no longer have children. Now I know, you’re looking at that awesome picture at the top, thinking all those kids look like carbon copies of me, and you’re right they do…

We barely sold our home, upside down in debt, overwhelmed with all the life that kept happening, and trying to keep up with, well anyone. And I felt broken. Inside and out. It was devastating to lose those babies. I wanted them. I ate well. I exercised. I attended church. I did everything that church told me to and not to do. And the doctors had no answers for me.

So we moved back home. We started a company. We became foster parents. We promised to adopt, and we found out we were expecting. If you go back in my posts, you will see the day Ben was born. I was shocked. Our family grew by 4 boys in one month, two weeks really. And life started happening again.

We had a daughter too. But not before losing another baby. This time I was going to get answers. And I did. I have a genetic condition that only effects pregnancies. Okay. I could live with that. Not my fault. Nothing I could change. I could let it go.

And I did.

Now we run that same company building commercial buildings ten years later. We have 7 kids. They are all ours. Maybe not with the same genetic make up, but I’m a mutant so what did we expect.  And we know that life will keep on happening.

And we love that.

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