Who Done it?

One of the challenges of having a herd of kids is knowing who really did it. It’s a challenge and every parent of more than one child has been in that moment where you think you know who did it, but there is still a lingering question in your head as you doll out the punishment. So here is my giggle for the day. My kids often accuse themselves.

We had an incident last night between the two baseball games we attended when dad was in charge. He didn’t notice that my drawer was unlocked and that the candy ended up spread across the counter… So when I got home I found the mess. Someone had gotten into the candy and opened it all. I mean every, single, pack. Sigh.

The usual questions followed until I walked into my bedroom and found these two bowls.

Normally that doesn’t solve anything. Two bowls just point to two thieves, but in the case of our family, my children have become deeply ingrained that there is a certain color that belongs to them. Each child was originally given a set of dishes in a specific color to help with keeping track of who cleared their place and who didn’t. Then we added towels in the same color, and so it went. So when I found these two I knew exactly who had taken the candy.

The truth was in the color code. Funny huh? The babies are too small to realize they shouldn’t use their own colors when committing a crime. And it made me smile. Ha ha. I win. I know for certain this time who did it.

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