WonHundred Word Wednesday

Here is a fun game we play. We write 100 words about a prompt, and then our friends do the same. Here’s the prompt:

PZ8lgS5 - Imgur

Here’s what I wrote:

It was up to her, that officer, whenever she arrived, to investigate how the accident happened. But it was Charyn’s job to tell the story. To spin it into the fine thing that articles took, like a spider with her finest floss. The baseball star groaned in the car.

“You alright?” she asked, pulling open the door. He nodded.

“I’d stay as still as possible if I was you. That car tried to take you out.”

He looked at her straight in the eyes. “I wish you were a reporter and would say that.”

“It’s your lucky day. I am.”

Now check out my friends:

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