WonHundred Word Wednesday

Here is a fun game we play. We write 100 words about a prompt, and then our friends do the same. Here’s the prompt:

KZSfLbp - Imgur

Here is what I wrote:

Lief searched through the house as well, just to the side of his wife, though she could not see him in his ghostly form. A little girl walked through the door and both of them paused. Charyn’s hands in the air.

“Hello,” the little girl said. “are you here to talk about your ghost?”

He realized the child had seen him, but could she hear him. “I’m not a ghost, my body is alive at home.”

“Is it?” the girl replied then turning to Charyn.

“Are you here to talk about the dream walker behind you? I think he’s stuck.”

Now check out my friends:

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