WonHundred Word Wednesday- 10/7/15

Here is a fun game we play. We write 100 words about a prompt, and then our friends do the same. Here’s the prompt:

CDaytIZ - Imgur

Here is what I wrote:

The room smelled deep and dank, full of aching loss, and all I wanted was to see her again. Because I just couldn’t bring myself to believe that she was gone. Mom couldn’t possibly be dead for real. So I walked down the row between pews like I was supposed too, looking solemn, but there she stood.

Mom? Is it possible that all these people are wrong? I grabbed her arm, turning her away, but the eyes were different. So very Different.

“I’m your aunt Claudia,” she whispered.

Why had no one ever mentioned mom’s twin?

There were no words.

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