He opened the car door there was a loud…

Here is our fun game, me and a bunch of author friends take a prompt a week and we all write 100 words…The prompt is, “He opened the car door there was a loud.”

by ocean

Here’s what I wrote:

The inn looked cold and silent at this time of night, a funny irony from the bright circus is usually became with sunrise. Cooper looked over at Derek, who leaned on the steering wheel. Both boys still soaked through from the Kelpies, dirty from the dwarf, and mostly deaf after talking to the mermaid.

“Mom’s gonna kill us,” Derek said.

Cooper nodded, and as he opened the car door there was a loud, crash. Mom marched out of the

house in her nightgown, hair askew, irritated. “What have I told you about never taking the guests out of the Inn?”

Alison Woods: alisonmillerwoods.wordpress.com

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