WonHundred word Wednesday

This is a fun game we play… We take the prompt- “My heart pounded wildly” and come up with a hundred word story that relates to it. Here’s what I wrote:
“Do I love him?” the question hung in the stale air, a phantasm I couldn’t imagine facing. It circled in my head, ate at my heart, both answers at war. My heart pounded wildly at the demand that I pay attention and answer. But how was I to answer a question I did not know how to face. My mouth desiccated, stopping the words. Yes. No. Maybe. I may just be too young to know what the word means. I think I might, but what does that matter now? “I used to think I did… But I just don’t know anymore.”
That’s what I thought up, now see how my friends took the prompt…
Wendy Knight, Author: http://www.wendyknightauthor.blogspot.com
Kelly Martin, Author: http://www.kellymartinbooks.blogspot.com
Alison Woods (Peering Into. . .): http://alisonmillerwoods.wordpress.com/
Jessica Winn, The Distracted Writer:http://thedistractedwriter.com/
R.K. Grow: http://www.rkgtheauthor.com/
Stephanie Worlton’s Kreating Krazy blog: http://stephanieworlton.blogspot.com/
Leah Sanders, inklings: http://inklings-leahsanders.blogspot.com/
Laura D. Bastian http://www.lauradbastian.com/
Jaclyn Weist http://jaclynweist.blogspot.com
K.R. Wilburn http://www.krwilburn.com/my-blog.html
Lindzee Armstrong/Lydia Winters http://lindzeearmstrong.blogspot.com
Kat!e Larson http://katesnovelidea.blogspot.com
Miranda D. Nelson http://www.mirandadnelson.blogspot.com/
Angela Schroeder http://angelaschroederauthor.blogspot.com/
Ginny Romney http://romneyrants.blogspot.com/
Canda Mortensen http://candamortensen.blogspot.com
Jenna Eatough http://blog.mistglenmoon.net/

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