What works- Just getting out

Between the hours of therapies, medical appointments, school appointments, testing, and all; it seems that there is so little time left in the day for fun. And some days I just don’t have the energy to be fun. Which is rather sad, and I know that, but the reality is vacations and fun are often for people without special needs kids. At least it seems that way when you are in the trenches. The idea of taking special needs kids out anywhere when they can’t manage to do basic things is a challenge. Most days I just call it and say no thank you.

Today I said okay. We went out with a neighbor on her wave-runners, lovingly called Rocket Sleds, but the boys. I took everyone, not just those whose work was done or those who had earned it. I just took everyone, tossed them in the car, guessed on what we needed and went.

If you know me you will realize this is not at all my style. No planning, no thinking through, just going. And it was good. We missed lunch, so I need to go get cash to pay for my part. We forgot the water bottles, and we didn’t take extra hands. But it worked.

There were smiles on kids faces, and everyone is relaxed. We may even be ready to get our chores done tonight without so much fighting. The point of all this is that everyone needs a break. We need to change normal every once in awhile to be ready for the real world that so often throws us curve balls. There was some panic as we deviated from the norm. We are not at the point where I needed to print out a what to expect list, we have done that, with pictures. But of all the members of the family, I am doing a lot better. I needed real life therapy, with another adult to laugh with. One who doesn’t mind my children’s differences, and just laughs with all of us.

So take a Just get out moment, and change the norm, for your own sanity.

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