WonHundred Word Wednesday fail…

Today was a fail for me. In so many ways. We as mom’s all have those days, we as special needs moms likely have them a lot, and all of us have guilt for failing. I admit I was doing so well up until about noon. I said prayers with the kids, I got chores done, I ignored the rain, made it to the ortho, picked up the prescription, didn’t scream at the pharmacist when then informed me they would have none for another week, again. But then when we got home I lost it… Full on lost it. We are in the middle of modifying our mortgage which is like buying a new house only you don’t get a better house and you just have to jump through hoops. I lost a paper. I did. I admit it. And my husband snapped at me as I got to lunch late, annoyed at the pharmacy. And I lost it.
Now he expected me to not loose an important paper, and I should not have lost it. I should have kept my cool, but I didn’t manage to. NOT for the rest of the day! Seriously. I spent hours combing through the house, feeling like he was breathing down my neck to find it, I could literally feel the fire of his breath on me.
Nothing else got done. My to dos are still where they were at noon. Even the must get done at all costs ones. And I never found that paper. I must have lost it with all the house guests and room moves that happened this week.
So… there it is. Why I failed. I will get to it, I really will. Just not today, because all I can write is how much I hate people that I shouldn’t hate, and how angry I am about situations… all of which I will have to delete tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be creative, because I just called the bank at 4 and asked for the information on the paper, and solved it all that way, heart attack not needed. Should have sorted that out sooner.

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