Shooting for the Stars

Being a human being whether a parent or a non-parent is a taxing process. When we face a new year coupled with all the expectations of getting yet more done, setting bigger and badder goals, getting to harder things, sometimes that sets us up for terror. Last night I faced down one of my bigger fear as I stand at the precipice of a greater goal. My husband started his own company years ago, but this year it is his goal to shove it off the cliff and make it fly, a huge time commitment. And I finished a manuscript, and now want to take it to a publishable level, a huge time commitment. I submitted my first query, and got a manuscript request and then a rejection, which I am okay with, since I knew it really wasn’t good enough to get a manuscript request to begin with, but you gotta start somewhere right? So this year I am embracing the terror, beginning this blog, getting an editing mentor, and letting my time be taken in pursuit of something I really want. what will you go after for yourself this year? What will you do to define yourself as more than just your job?

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