Things to remember…

So I read this today, along with a few online videos as I tried to ignore the things I was supposed to be doing, but it’s one degree outside and I am trying to get up fifteen minutes earlier, and the kids figured it out so I got up an hour earlier… Can you hear from my train of thought writing where I am at mentally today? I can. So here is what I read and it made be giggle because with a few changes, that’s me.

So here are my changes….

1. A neighbor stops by unexpectedly and everything goes to hell.

2. my husband asks me to make holiday cookies for his friends and then the kitchen blows up, so I blow up, and then everyone blows up.

3. I want to write a book in this lifetime, but that would require an hour less sleep and I am rather fond of sleep, and my children really need me to be a little, scratch that a lot, more patient.

4. I love my kids and I read weekly.

5. I refuse to be the mom with kids who behave like monsters all the time or look like it, which means I am always going to look like crap. Happy Holidays!

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