School, the most sensitive subject

Parenting is always a Herculean task. Never would I propose to you that I have all the answers. In my experience there is not a place in public school for my children who are not “normal” and not so challenged that they need specific special education. They fall under the odd place of half-way. They are smart, mostly able to keep up with standard curriculum, however they are socially a mess. Socially they should be in a class with children three years younger. Academically they should be “Main streamed.” I faced this challenge with trepidation until the day when my oldest came to me. He is severely dyslexic. He told me “Mom there are smart kids at school and I am not one of them. That is okay.”

In what world is that okay? I wanted to scream and cry. This child is bright, he is imaginative, and I know he is smart. He never s cries and keeps going. So I unenrolled all my kids. I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but I had fought for special reading programs, made sure his teachers understood where he was at, worked and worked and pleaded for the best the system could provide. And yet, there he was in second grade, reading at a low kindergarten level, telling me he was stupid. A side note, I did enroll my younger children in public school as well, with similar results.

I know my local school is one of the best. They are in the best school district in the state, everything is new, the teachers are well educated, so what does that mean. For me it means there are too many little people in one class for my child to get the tailor made academic experience he needs. At home, I get to move him up or down in grade level work as I see fit. We can move fast or move slow when he needs it.

I have added us to an e-school, so that he has a academic record for college purposes, but I get to choose where he is. We have to go through state testing, which is traumatizing, but it is the cost of that plan. So I pose this question. Is Public school right for you? Have you tried Charter school? Looked into E-schools? I have. I am content with carrying the load of my childrens’ education. It is not what I originally set out to do, but it works for us. We still get field trips, and my children know they can accomplish hard things.

Here are two links for other parent facing the school system. I am not anti- public school. But I do realize like with everything, it is not for everyone.


Thank you to our special moms for sharing their stories with me so I can share them with you.

One thought on “School, the most sensitive subject

  1. Julie B.

    Public school is never going to work for us. Like, ever. Well, unless they have public school in the afterlife and we are all resurrected into perfect bodies 🙂 You are doing great work for your kids!

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